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Account cancelled

My broadband went off this morning, I logged into my account to see it's being cancelled! Rang the number and asked why it's being cancelled to be told someone 'may' have used an incorrect digit when cancelling someone else's account and so mine has been cancelled instead and there's nothing I can do about it! 

I have to wait until the cancellation is fully processed and then rejoin - with a new contract (I was out of contract and didn't particularly want to be in another) and no information to what price/plan or anything until the cancellation is fully processed and I call to rejoin. 

The rep on the phone tried and was great, but ultimately no answers to why my account has been cancelled with no communication to me about it and I find out when the broadband I've paid for is switched off, not even an email to confirm cancellation or anything. 

I got an email yesterday saying the price was going up - ok, fine, everything increases but now I'm left with no internet and having to sign up to a new contract because they've cancelled my service for no reason. 

Be looking elsewhere I think! 

Elite 3

That sounds unbelievable, there really should be some checks (like at least an email to confirm) before cancelling a service.

You should make an official complaint, I would think you should be entitled to some compensation for their incompetence.

Perhaps start here: