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why have i been charged!

I signed up for now tv on an offer for £9.99 for 3 months of sky cinema with NO CONTRACT well if there is no contract why have i been charged again!! i want a refund who can i speak to!


I have been charged for a pass that I didn't want and it's saying it's 'auto renew' however I was unable to cancel it because it was still trying to process the payment that I never wanted to happen. I currently already have a 3 month pass ready to u...

Half price sports month pass

I see an offer on the front page of the site for a half price ie £16.99 month Sports pass....but when I click through and get to the but pass page it is back at full this a con? 

I want to delete my card details

I've just got a free 3 months pass for sky cinema. I've just added it on to my account and it asked me for card details so I gave them. How do I now remove the card details so that I'm not charged after the 3 months voucher is finished?

Charged for free pass

I have been trying to rectify this situation for some time. I have a ref number 01852238 but I have had no response, could you please email me to resolve this issue many thanks.