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Question on free passes

Ok so I decided to take the plunge and buy the nowtv stick.

I tried to purchase it from nowtv direct but after several attempts I got the ususk "oops seems to be a problem try again" so got fed up and ordered it from Amazon. Should reciece it next week. It has an added 2month free entertainment pass. 

 Now I have been a nowtv customer fir years and on the 2nd of every month money is taken out my bank for my entertainment pass. 

However I have been reading some reviews and I keep reading some people have bought boxes/sticks with added passes and yet even when they activate the pass given with the new box the money is still taken from there bank on the due date. 


I have to say I love nowtv and have had it for over 5years but on the occasions I have had to contact them via live chat it has been nothing short of torture. 

Few months back I had a problem and even being a customer for all these years who subscribes religiously to the entertainment package every month and the money comes out my bank I have had the same account since I joined showing active pass past payments payments due etc I was told " we have checked that email there is no active passes"

Eh in looking at my account now it clearly says i have till the 2nd of every month. 


"No sir there no account" and disconnected me. 

I lodged a complaint and got an email explained the situation and they sent me a free cinema code for a month. 

I went into my account entered the code and activated it.

 Been watching a couple of movies all was well.


But I thought i will reply to the email who sent me the code and explained exactly my concern about the new stick and the 2 month free pass and in an ongoing entertainment package user. " Hang on i will help you" got an email back 

"I understand this is important issue for you but I have checked and that account has no active passes" .

OMG ! 

You can understand the frustratration of this. I've been watching entertainment for years and cinema with the free pass I activated 2days ago. 


Now in really concerned when my nowtv stick arrives and I activate the 2month pass is this money still going to be tauev from my account? Anyone know what I do. It's due in the 2nd of may do I cancel before the 2nd or do I add the passes before.. in really sorry for posting this long thread on here but hand on heart when you cintact live chat it's soul destroying they ask the same questions you already gave answers to.

And then disconnect you. 

 So in hoping before my nowtv stick arrives some kind soul in the nowtv community can help or at least give me an idea what to do as I don't want charged if I have paid the extra for a stick with passes then go through the mental torture of having to contact live chat when they don't even recignise I have an account. 

Please someone save me from.that lol

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Hi @Anonymous User


When your smart stick arrives from Amazon and if you add the 2 month entertainment voucher code that comes in the box before the 2nd of May, by going into your existing account on the nowtv website and selecting My Account > My Passes.


Then the voucher code will kick in on the 2nd of May (where no sub payment of £7.99 will be taken from your account) and you will be on a free offer until the 2nd July when you montly entertainment sub of £7.99 will carry on being deducted from your account as normal.


If for some reason the stick is delivered late by Amazon after the 2nd of May and for example say you applied the voucher on the 5th of May then obviously you will pay the monthly sub on the 2nd of May and the 2 month voucher code will start from the 2nd of June and your next monthly entertainment sub of £7.99 will be taken from your account as normal from the 2nd of August.


Once you have applied the code, take a screenshot and i would also suggest keep the scratch card with the code safe until after it has finished on your account.


Job done happy days Smiley Happy 

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or just cancel entertainment pass now, and apply the new code for 2 free months when it arrives, then carry on paying after the 2 months. Or just cancel this account and start a brand new one.

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No I have had this account for years i will go with advice of screenshot. I have also had uninterrupted entertainment pass since I joined. 


 I know live chat is probably the worst customer service ever but in hoping surely they can get this right.


I made thread for advice and greatly appreciated ALL replies.

The thread is also something I can screen shot if there is a problem. I think i will redeem my 2month free entertainment pass tomorrow. Hopefully come the 2nd of may no money wil be taken out my account lol.

Btw the smart stick worked great easy to set up linked to my account easily. even got a sky store voucher for 5.49 to rent a movie so that and the 2month entertainment pass I basically got the stick free as it only cost £20.


I think nowtv is a great system I've recommended it to many friends and family but I do warn them then only way to contact them is live chat and it's nowtvs biggest let down. 

They work from a script and anything that deviates from that they can't help if you ask to speak to a supervisor or manager you are bluntly told NO and disconnected. 

If you ask for an email address you get same response. The few times I have had to deal with them was soul destroying.


Unfortunately nowtv have never done anything to update the customer service system. A UK number to call would be a great addition to the nowtv community.