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Now TV passes

Now TV Passes - has anybody else noticed this?

2-month cinema pass = £15 = £7.50 per month = £90pa

3-month cinema pass = £25 = £8.33 per month = £100pa

Is this some major ######-up their end? It's cheaper to buy the 2-month pass, surely? Is it meant to be this way?

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Legend 5
Legend 5

@Anonymous User That's the pricing they've always used for the movie gift cards. It's to keep it to the accepted multiples-of-5 that gift cards are usually sold at in stores - presumably they didn't want to price the 3 month cinema at £20 so they've gone for £25 which as you say is worse than the 2 month on a cost-per-month basis. It does look a bit ridiculous (if they don't want to go too low they'd be better just pulling the 3 month card) but surprisingly few people comment about it on here so maybe they do sell. 

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