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Cancellation of my voucher before expired, all because I don't want my CC on file!

Been on chat for the last hour with some idiot who cancelled my account with a voucher still in date, cancelled my Movies pass with only 1 day use! All I wanted was for them to close the account when they expired but they didn't seem to comprehend the simple task as gave them.

I also requested a callback from a manager but they were insistant that this was not possible! I want to challenge their terms and conditions for having a credit/debit card on file and take this to the financial ombudsman but there are no obvious channels I can go through!

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

As for my services being cancelled, even though I have only just paid £9.99 for the month I think this is must be illegal too! I had a voucher which also expires on the 12th January which has also been cancelled. I am very angry about this and want something done immediately!

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@Anonymous User here's a link to the financial ombudsman

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