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"Deal" applied to account automatically blocking passes

I got an alert the other day from my Amex for a £6.99 now tv charge and thought that can't be right as I have some usb stick passes I am using up and had checked a couple of weeks before when renewing cinema to ensure entertainment was not nearing end of their application period.


Logged in to find I was on a 6 month £6.99 deal that I never signed up for. Checked emails and found this one I had missed in the usual deluge of rubbish you get:


Entertainment Membership offer for the next 6 months. That means you can continue watching award-winning shows for only £6.99 a month (usually £9.99 a month) until your offer ends.

There’s nothing to do on your side - we’ve already applied the discount to your account. You can still cancel your membership at any time.


When I checked 2 weeks before it had just said I was on a deal until later on in the year with same wording as when you have a pass applied so thought it was that still running (should have clocked how late it expired). 


Immediately cancelled it but as it was into first day charge is through and to annoy me even more it will not let me apply either of the 2 entertainment passes I have waiting to use as even after waiting a few days since cancelling it is saying I cannot apply until December. Potentially after the cancellation month is up it will unfreeze this but cannot be sure.


I'm going to raise an official complaint as this seems sharp practice given how poor the information shows online but interested if anyone else seen this type of automatic offer and had similar issues? Been toying with idea of defecting to Netflix for a while and this might be the final straw after these passes run out (if ever get to use them!).

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got a deal few week ago for the entertainment pass for £4.99 a month till November never asked for it they just emailed me and applied it to my account