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please help me guys

Hi, I've been paying for my ex girlfreinds now tv for 6 months and i need to cancel it Via card as i dont have Acsess to the account... Nor can i contact her as i'm in trouble with the police reguarding her i'm on bail so if i contact her i breech bail and get sent to jail.. Basically i need to cancel it by card... someone please help

I've been to the bank with is a inconvience to go there they said they cannot do it..
tryed searching for a solution now i've made this post please 😞

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Re: please help me guys



If this is a CPA on a card that belongs to you, then your bank must stop it.

Remind them that the law changed in 2009 to demand this.


If they refuse, then they are liable to you for all payments made from your account to this CPA, from the date that they were requested to cease it.


Alternatively, you can ask your card provider to stop it; and they are under a similar obligation.

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