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Won't accept my card details

Hi there I have called my bank and tried several times to put my card details in but they will not be accepted by now tv why is this? I don't need to pay anything now but still won't go through please help?

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Maybe jump over to live chat to see if they can assist and point you in the right direction.


Link here to live chat.


I believe NowTV only accepts Bank cards with the Visa or Mastercard logo on them, the Bank card needs to be UK registered where you are a permanent resident of the UK aged 18 years or over with sufficient funds in the account to allow NowTV to undertake an authorzation check.


Sometimes the bank will block the authorzation check by NowTV, but it sounds like you have double checked this with your bank that they are not blocking anything their end. 


I have come across previously that up front pre paid credit cards sometimes causing authorzation issue with the NowTV system. 


Obviously the above would be similar with Republic of Ireland customers when using a ROI bank card on the NowTV Republic of Ireland website.




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I’ve brought now tv stick set it up last night but won’t accept my card details keeps saying card not valid it’s not expired and I have money In my account not sure what to do can’t contact them by phone and live chat isn’t any help 

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NOWTV don't seem to like prepayment cards either.   😞

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Look your people ow me vouchers and I have not received any of them and I want to use them nlw