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Why am ì seeing adverts

Why am I seeing adverts on nowtv  for computers or cars  I have no interest in   ....  if I subscribe I don't expect to get adverts ... the previews  are bad enough ... for lame programs I will never watch but adverts pushing products to much .....

The offer of "boost"  is ridiculous it's just a  rip off ... pay extra to stop the adverts is a disgrace and sounds like a con ... time to cancel and stop reoccurring payments ... I'm not paying more for an inferior product 



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Legend 5

@Anonymous User 
Instead of creating new threads, join in on complaining with the existing threads.


Although no-one from NOW will reply as it’s a customer forum. So it will be like minded customers all complaining about the same thing.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help