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Unexpected error

I recently bought an android box and while installing my various Tv and streaming apps I installed Now tv and when I tried to log in I received the message,

"Unexpected error, Network error. Please try again."

The box is directly attached to the internet with an ethernet cable and I have a full connection and as of this moment, all my other apps are functioning fine.


Any solution to this problem would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


i doubt NOW would be much help where the Android TV boxes are not one of their supported devices. 


Hopefully an Android TV box owner on the forum will offer you some help if it's possible to run NOW on Android TV.


i can't help much because i don't own an Android TV box (should you be using a VPN then switch it off where NOW is fussy when it comes to VPN's and can flag up a number of errors).

Anonymous User
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The problem has since resolved itself, not long after I posted my early message I stopped being able to use the PC app too. The problem itself was the sign in not the app itself which I have got working fine now on my android box and pc.