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Unauthorised use

Somebody keeps logging in via ROKU on my account and purchasing stuff. I have changed my password deleted the account numerous times and it keeps happening. My remote doesn’t work so I haven’t used my now tv box for over a week how else can I stop this? Seems impossible to speak to somebody! 

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Scholar 3

The first thing to do is set up a payment PIN and check it is switched on. Then remove all your devices and from your device list. Change your password and add the device you want authorised.


Live chat is still available but with a limited service should you wish to talk to someone.

Anonymous User
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I have done the above and no payments have been taken since I added a new PIN number but someone has still managed to log in even after a password change which is very strange!
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Hi @Anonymous User 


Have you signed out of all your devices by doing a forced logout which @nowswaish mentioned.


To force a logout on all devices on your account, you need to read and follow the instructions on this linked help article. 

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Have you changed your email password? I would suggest doing so from separate device such as a mobile, also check your security information/recovery number. Then reset your Now information. 

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