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I'm going to need you people to stop contacting me and stop trying to get money I never authorized you take in the first place. I signed up for ONE DAY.. you ended up repeatedly charging me for 3 MONTHS. I did not sign up to this. I dont want it, I didnt use it. I disupted with my credit card company and they took the payment back. Today I got some whining emails from you people asking me to reverse this.


No, **** off. I didnt want it, I didnt use it, you took it without permission. Do not contact me EVER AGAIN.


Username: valtiel151


One of 3 whiney emails sent.

Order Reference: 451M27108103
Order Info: Subscription Purchase: Sky Sports Month Pass

Dear jennifer,

We have received notification from your credit card provider that the above transaction has been disputed by you. It is possible that you did not recognise the transaction identification tag on your credit card statement, which may read 'MPP Global Solutions Ltd (Manchester)' or 'NOW TV'or something similar. If this is the case, then we would be grateful if you could contact your credit card company and reverse the dispute.

Please note that your account may have been suspended, until this matter can be resolved. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us at [email removed]

Kind Regards,





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Re: Stop

Can I suggest you go on to at bottom is contact button. You should be able to reach chat they can remove your card details and fully close your account. It is possible that the pass was accidentally ordered, I don't know if you have young kids but I know folk on here have had their kids order accidentally. Chat really is the best way to resolve this and ensure you get all your money back. As a fellow customer I hope you get sorted. (Please be aware this is a public forum when posting, technically swearing is not permitted but personally I can understand why you would be furious- the sports passes aren't cheap)

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Chat are open 8am to Midnight:

Contact Now...


Re: Stop

I am having exactly the same problem.. I spoke to someone and they said they had cancelled the payments, however Now TV have taken money out of my account again.


I want this to stop immediately as someone said the payments would stop yet you are still taking money out of my account

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Re: Stop



Do you see your active pass when you go to your My Account > My Passes page?

If so, you should be able to click the cancel pass button and follow all the steps to cancel it.

If you don't see any active passes and you don't see any charges on your bills page

then you may be logged into the wrong account and the charges will be coming from a different account.

Might be worth checking you haven't got any other NOW TV accounts, it often happens that people set up more than one account to take advantage of different promotions and explains why they keep getting payments made even when they seem to have cancelled everything. Alternately you might be signed into an old Sky ID you have from having had Sky TV or broadband in the past.

If you still can't find where the payments are coming from have a word with Live Chat they can help you track down where the problem is. To get to live chat go here

and click the Start Live Chat button.


Re: Stop

I’ve received an email from you congratulating me for a qualifying offer of free Sky Movies for 2 weeks after which you’ll relieve me of £9.99 per month. I have no desire to watch Sky Movies or to pay you £9.99. If you do take this money from my account I will report you to the regulator. What you are doing is a breach of the Payments Services Directive. Stop it now!
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