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Anonymous User
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Still being charged after cancelling.

I can cancelled my pass a few days before the renewal date but have still been charged again. I did not receive any acknowledgment or email.


I have cancelled it again today but this time I did receive an email.


The only way I have been able to contact NowTV is through the complaint form.


Please arrange for a  refund.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


If you had to Cancel a second time, then its fair to say that the first Cancel didn’t work; NowTV don’t make this process very easy Smiley Sad


Besides the email, it’s worth revisiting the Pass in My Account/Passes & Vouchers to ensure that it reflects the cancellation.


To get your refund, you will need to contact Live Chat, also something that NowTV don’t make very easy.


You can contact them here, though:-


Live Chat and Send Us a Message:-

Please do not say ‘you’ in your posting and imagine you are talking to any employees of Now. Generally, we are all customers like yourself, who can’t help with billing or other queries that only Now can answer 😞
Anonymous User
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Now TV have been really good and professional, I have had email replies and they have responded really quickly. The only thing I can really say is that if you have an issue, they will sort it out. Totally pleased with the result.

Anonymous User
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All sorted, brilliant  customer care.