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Payment issue due to pending transaction

Dear NOW TV team,

Recently your tram contacted me about a failed payment on my account. After I updated card details just in case, I contacted my bank. They assure me that the card is active and the payment has been authorised, and I have enough money. However, the transaction has been "pending" for three days now, and your team informs me the bill has not been paid. While the bank states that pending transactions up to 5-10 are not too unusual, I am very worried about losing access to broadband due to this delay. Internet has already cut off at least twice.

Is there anything I can do? In cases of payment delay, banks may recommend to cancel a transaction and start fresh. However, I cannot access my bank account without the internet. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to fix this issue, and whether it may be possible to keep provisional access to Now TV services until the payment has gone through or the bank has otherwise responded. Thank you.

Kind regards,


Anonymous User
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Solved (it seems):

After speaking to customer support by phone, it appears that my payment has been accepted and my account is alright. Phew! Thanks anyways! 🙂