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New Device and Adding Devices

Hey there, 


I didn’t realise initially there was a limit to swapping devices so I was logging into my account on different devices. 

Now I have an issue where I’m at the limit for devices and I can’t add anymore. 

I had to reset my Chromecast and now it thinks it’s a new device and so it won’t let me connect to it. Moral of the story is I need to now be able to add an additional device. 
I’m guessing I need to speak to someone from NowTV to sort this but it’s impossible to get in touch with anyone who works there. 


Any help that can be offered will be greatly appreciated. 


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Hi @Anonymous User 


With a single nowtv account you can register up to six devices on it.


You are also allowed three device swaps each calendar month by going to My Account > Devices whilst logged on here.


Should you have exceeded your device swaps during the month then you need to contact live chat and either ask them to reset all your devices or grant you some extra device swaps this month.


To reach live chat open the link below and click on the small blue arrow directly underneath How to Get in Touch to reveal the live chat button.