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NOW removed payment details and now I cannot update them

I should have paid attention when I received the email:

"We noticed that you recently cancelled your last qualifying NOW Membership. Because this means you no longer have any way to enjoy the benefits of full HD and surround sound, we’ve cancelled your NOW Boost for you.

Upgrade again any time"

But I assumed it was some type of spam as I hadn't cancelled anything.  Today I receive an email saying: 

"We’ve spotted a glitch


Unfortunately, your payment details have been removed from our system.

But don’t worry. To continue enjoying NOW, just follow the steps below to update your payment details. And you’ll be back streaming in a flash.

• Go to and log in to My Account
• Under My Account, select Manage account
• Under My payments, select Payment details, then select Add a TV payment card

We’re sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks for choosing to watch with us."

I log in and try to update my card details and receive an error:

"Oops! That didn't work.  

We encountered an error saving your address.  Please try again later."

The address is pre-populated from the postal address file which is presented when you enter your postcode.  This appears to be for all of my services which have been running fine for the last couple of years.  My address is still valid, there is nothing funky about it like a name or flat b or similar adjustments which sometimes cause problems.  The house has been in the same place since the 50's and there is very little change which occurs in the area.  My payment card is valid until the end of 2025 and I'm not having issues purchasing elsewhere. 

It seems NOW cancelled a service, and have now lost my payment details, but I'm unable to change them online.  All of the help states that payment adjustments can only be dealt with online and not on the phone. 

Any one else having issues with payment details being removed?  Did anyone manage to get past it?

Many thanks!




I had the usual hassle entering my details ( ie if you have a house name- you have to enter 00 for house number. but they don't bother to put things like this as a info note). Entered details and was faced with a blank page. Tried again. nothing. logged out, then back in- no change. Have just had a frustrating 'chat' first with the useless Bot that just sends you in circular arguments- eventually with ?Nitisha... checked and says my details are there, but then asked if my card expires soon... (it doesn't).

Tried again logging off end on etc. Nitisha then says I have to clear my browsing history.. and use a laptop or similar and Chrome or Edge (which I am already doing). 

Will now just wait and see if the system resets overnight.. I do not wish to lose my browsing history. As NOW deleted the details I will wait to see what happens next! Cheers


It didn't- despite clearing history as advised. Have now made complaint