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My May bill

Why is my May bill and it looks like future bills £46.50 when it should be £23

Legend 5
Legend 5


Sounds like you are coming out of your 12 month contract discount period.

Go to your NOW online account under Broadband & Calls > Messages to see if you received an email notification.

Also check your email inbox and spam filters for any communication from either Sky or NOW.

Read the email instructions carefully if you have been notified of a price increase and you really need to phone the NOW Broadband Team to renegotiate a better price.

There should be a telephone number and reference number on the email you hopefully received.

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As above, check your emails, if you have been with Now for over 12 months - or you have gone over a 12 month anniversary then you may now be on the expensive "standard" rate - the £46ish price  sounds about right for that.

 If you find the email read it carefully, including the bit at the bottom saying when your discount(s) expire .

Shop around , and look at what alternatives are available from other suppliers if you are happy with Now broadband ( except for this price increase) then try and barter for a lower price, if not or you are happy to move to another supplier then do so, your loyalty should only be as good as the last deal you had.

 I was with plusnet for a long time as they offered competitive deals upon renewal, then they didnt and i moved to Now , likewise if Now didnt offer me a good deal last time i would have moved.

 My plan was to go back to plusnet as they had a good offer at the time, and sign up via top cashback to possibly save more , but the Now deal was better.

Draw up a list of ISPs and their prices on my list i had : Sky, Talk Talk, EE, Vodafone, plusnet, Zen, and a few others combine with cost over 12 month and contract length as well as the out of contract standard price with Now , you then use those prices to barter with your current suplier - but if push comes to shove move and leave Now.