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I cancelled my NOWTV pass 2 months ago and i have still been getting charged

I cancelled my NOWTV pass 2 months ago and you have charged me both £7.99 for the last two months and i want my money back. the part i dont understand is SOMEHOW, you have accured my new bank card details as i lost my previous card only about a month card, i have NEVER entered my new card details to your website i have no idea how they even got on here.... You owe me £15.99 and i want it back as soon as possible.

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Re: I cancelled my NOWTV pass 2 months ago and I have still been getting charged

Hi @Notahappycustom 


You will need to take this up with NowTV directly, as we can’t help with billing issues on the Community, I’m afraid.


But here are links to two resources that may help you, and from which you can proceed by Live Chat, Email, or filling in a web form, whichever best suits your needs.


Help on ‘Cancelled but still being charged’


Note though, that this article does not cover the likely case where you have just one account, and have attempted to cancel, but the Cancel has not gone through for some reason.


Help on ‘Incorrect Charge’


Good luck!


By the way, the change of card, where it puzzled you how NowTV knew about this, is because many banks now notify the holders of recurring payment authorities based on a Debit or Credit card whenever those details change.


Normally, this is a good thing for customers, as it saves them having to worry about telling everybody affected when their old card expires and a new one starts.

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