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Help! Now TV have been taking unauthorized payments

I have noticed that NOW TV have been taking unauthorized payments from my account. When I go to my account page, it states there are no active subscriptions and it even says there has been no payment taken from my account. I have opened a dispute with my bank as NOW TV seem to be impossible to contact and my bank can only go back 120 days and refund that way. My bank have told me that NOW TV are the only people now who can refund all the payments taken from November 2019- February 2020. 


How on earth can I get to speak to a human being about this? NOW TV think they can get away with taking over £200 out of my bank account and I am not having it! 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Sounds to me you have more than one account.


I would double check the login details to all your playback devices are using the same account details, check for any NowTV emails on all your email addresses in your name.


Use this link tool below to see if you have ever created more than one account in the past. 


To reach NowTV there are a number of communication methods in this link page below.