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Getting an Account

I'm a student in the UK, but I'm originally from the US and I would like to get NOW TV for while I'm here. But, when go to the final process of paying for the account, the US is not an option for a billing address (since my credit card's billing address is my home in the US). Is there any way that I can get NOW TV with my US billing address?

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Hi @Anonymous User 


My understanding is that you need to have a UK bank card (with the visa or mastercard logo) and the card billing address needs to be in the UK and the minimum age is 18 with sufficient funds on the card for the card to be processed on the NowTV automation payment system.


I am not sure if there is anyway around this NowTV policy, maybe a pre paid card but the billing address will need to be in the UK and i have read on the forum that pre paid cards are not always accepted.


Have you any relatives or close friends in the UK who are already NowTV customers who can trust you with sharing their NowTV passes ?


Hopefully other forum members will offer some advice and suggestions.


In the meantime, maybe pop over to nowtv live chat to see if they can offer you a soultion on how you can create a nowtv account based that you are an overseas student temporary studying in the UK.


Link here to live chat if you wish to contact them.