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Discounted price not showing and no voucher received

In September I negotiated a new deal for my broadband. I currently pay £16.99pm for Sky Sports and this runs out in December.i rang to cancel my broadband but Now beat any other prices and reduced my Internet bill and gave me Sky Sports for £19.99pm. This is not showing on my account and it says in December I will pay £33.99pm and I've had no email confirmation.  Anyone else had this? I won't be able to cancel my Internet until next year and only stayed with Now due to the promise of reduced price Sky Sports 

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Legend 5

Hi @RosieH 


This is a bit of a long shot, but if you open your online Membership and click the drop down arrow below the Month Sports Membership to expand the screen does it show anything about the new discounted offer ?


If not, then it sounds like NOW haven't given you the offer or are waiting for the last 30 days before applying the offer, but i doubt this is the case because you reckon you can see a £33.99 future payment for early December on your Bills & Payments account.


To be honest your best bet is to contact NOW live chat by clicking on the green chat online button from this link page below to get further assistance & help.