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Customer services removing passes

Just got out of a live chat with Pritish. I accidentally added on a pass from my account on the same day that it was auto renewing without thinking on 6/3. I then wanted to add a £6.99 cinema for 6 month voucher code but obviously couldn't because I was way out of my 30 days. 

In comes Pritish.....

I explain what's happened and he says great I'll sort it for you, so he says he will remove a cinema pass so I am within my 30 days to register the voucher code and then give me the £11.99 to cover the pass that hasn't started as it was wrongly lined up for 6/4 to 6/5. He does his thing and gets back to me saying he cancelled the pass and credited £11.99. Luckily I checked and didn't just take his word for what he had done. I found her removed both cinema passes and he then says that he can't help it and there is nothing else that can be done. So I have now lost a cinema pass out of him getting it wrong and he shrugs it off and refuses to accept what he had done. 

I've kept the chat but cannot believe the level of customer service that I came across and how he will not acknowledge that he only needed to touch one pass. Yes I shouldn't have redeemed a pass on the same day as renewal but surely if he says he will only remove one pass and credit one pass, then only one pass will be affected.

At the minute he says I will hear from someone in a few days about it but I just want to get this experience out there. 

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