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Complete mess, unbelievable!

As with last year, I again had an email saying that if I did not want to change the account as it was then I needed to do nothing, so I accepted this statement to be true and didn't feel that it was necessary to read any further but it appears to go on to say that things would not be the same but that they would be charging me an additional £20 per month for anytime phone calls, which was a service that I didn't use anyway!  They made the charge Last month and also this month even though I have transferred my account from them.  I am a few months off 85 years of age and can do without this hastle!  They have a vulnerable client section which they seem to pay no attention to.
I try to contact them and try to find my way past the AI but was ignored, I try ringing them but they won't put me through as their records shows a different name on the account, I sign on to my account and it clearly shows my name, I wrote a letter to them at head office but have received no reply.

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Use this link for the broadband complaints number and web form.

You wont get staff replying on here I am afraid. See the link for the purpose of this forum.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help