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Chat agent asking for full credit card details


I have had an overdue payment for my broadband and recieved an email from [email removed] to call  03337 594 851 about making the overdue payment. I called and after some legitimate security questions (Including last 4 digits of my card) I got supposedly forwarded to the accounting help centre. I was then asked for my credit card details point blank as well as my mothers maiden name. Additionnaly I was told that I can only "restore" / unblock my account via this call centre (This turns out not to be the case you can just as easily do it online. )

I do not know if it was legitimate or not. If it was legitimate then I must say this is a very bad security practice.

I would apprciate any explanations to what had just occured.

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It could be a scam, it is not a number I recognise. You are right, you should never disclose your full card details and shouldn't be asked for them. Call 0330 041 2518 which I can assure you is a legitimate number. 

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Definitely sounds like a scam. Call the number provided by @redchiz1 which is legitimate. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help