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Charges unexpectedly

Good afternoon, 

Today I’ve been changed three times with different amounts. They are currently in pending on my banking app but unsure what these payments are for? They are £7.99, £3.00 and £2.99 all for sky. My packages are all paid for so it should be these. Anyway know as to why these random amounts have come out of my account and what to do next? 

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Re: Charges unexpectedly

Hi @Anonymous User 


As a stab in the dark my guess the £3 charge might be for the NowTV Boost Pass, where maybe the other two charges are discounted offers.


Have you gone into your NowTV online account under My Account > Manage Account > Bills & Payments to see if these charges on your bank statement matches the information on your NowTV account where each pass should be identified with a cost against it ?


Anyway your best option is to get in touch with NowTV live chat who deal with NowTV account related matters.


Use the green chat button on this link page below. 

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