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Cant view my bill or access NOW Broadband features.

An engineer came and activated our broadband on 23rd April and I still cant view my bill or check my line etc. and it treats me as a new customer, trying to sell me the £18 Broadband package I already have.

I have made multiple phone calls in regards to this but the only answer I recieve is "its being looked in to". 

Our first 3 weeks we had only 0.8mbps speeds and even now after multiple engineer visits im capped at 4mbps.

Does the Live chat feature actually exist or is it just cosmetic? I have been trying to use the Live Chat multiple times a day throughout the month yet every single time there are no free agents available. I just want to access the basic features I should be able to access and view/pay my bill, upgrade or cancel subscriptions etc.


Any advice is highly appreciated as I have had nothing but negative experiences with NOW Broadband & Im rarely the type of person to complain about bad service

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