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CC cancelled, therefore subscription cancelled?

I had an £18:99 per month deal for 1 year for SKY sports. My CC was cancelled by my bank whilst I was on holiday due to some potential fraudulent activity outside my control, and subsequently one of the monthly payments failed. Without warning,

NOW TV instantly cancelled the deal I had and won't reinstate it now I have added the replacement CC! How bad a service is that! No email to say it had failed and can you sort it before we cancel? They have made an already difficult situation even worse!

To make matters worse, there's nobody to speak to on the phone, and the person on the live chat "Junaid", never empathised with me once. Junaid just told me I should have changed the CC straight away. Thanks Junaid, great advice!

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@Anonymous User 

Keep going onto live chat as you might come across an agent who will reapply the offer for you. 
Alternatively send an email to support using the picture from the below.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help