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Broadband and anytime call package.

I have Broadband and free anytime call offer, I went live on 1st November 2021.I was charged for calls. I have contacted customer services ,and had a reply saying they emailed me with a contract with pay as you use with broadband. Why send me that email when I purchased Broadband with Anytime calls as my package. Customer services said that they could transfer me to Anytime call package. This should have been setup from the start of my contract ,and not have to ask them to transfer me from pay as you use to Anytime calls. I have looked on this website and if you look at the broadband  and call packages you can only get broadband with anytime calls.

so please give me back my call charges, I do not mind it in credit. If not then I will have to find legal advice as contract sold under false circumstances.


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Hello Paul


I have just had the same happen to me and apparantly other people have to.  I ordered online using the Super fibre, free unlimited calls on landline and now been given a 159.00 bill first month. 


If you could email me at [email removed] on how you proceed I would like to follow suit as I am not happy with this advert said free unlimited calls and I have a copy of this.



I have just joined NOW thinking I was on Anytime package first bill £166 phoned them no redress my fault so any help would be gratefully received 

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Hi Zandi.

Sorry cannot Email you has they have blocked your email address.

Can you try to under stand this and send me a note.

paultf1 at then I can get back to you.




I am in the same boat, I switched from Talk Talk and am supposed to be on Anytime Calls but this hasn't happened and I am being charged for calls. What is going on here?

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I did put a post up, telling people to check befor taking out a contract. Phone them and ask them to put you on anytime calls otherwise they will carry on charging for calls.