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Bill jump!

I had a 12 month contract at £25 per month (broadband only offer). 12 months is up apparently so it is now £32 which is fair enough, though it would have been nice to be given prior notification. Anyway, my bill has now jumped to £57! This looks like it is made up of £32 plus £25 credit. This doesn't make sense. Its says I have paid £57 but on the same page I owe £57! To top it all, I have had no internet since Friday 23rd. Is it possible that as the system think I owe money and therefore has effectively disconnected my services!!? I hope not or I am leaving asap. Anyone shed any light on this or confirm they also have had no internet recently?? Thanks folks. 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


You should have received an email about three or four weeks before your contract was up from NowTV.


When you go to My Account > Manage Account > My Broadband & Calls > Messages can you see the email in question ?


You need to give the NowTV Broadband Team a call to renegotiate a new deal if you want to be locked into another twelve months.


My Dad's NowTV Broadband went up from £25 to £32 and i negotiated a new 12 month deal for £26.99 per month (tried for £25 per month and the NowTV Advisor that i dealt with wouldn't budge below £26.99 with Anytime calls).


Can't help sorry about the charges / credit on your account without seeing it.


Anyway your best bet is to phone the NowTV Broadband Team.


Do you have the telephone number ?