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Game of thrones

when are more series of game of thrones coming back on? Only showing series 1 at moment

Paid yet still can't view

I seam to be having a problem with watching now TV as well as a neighbour from hell who will go down if he happens to see somehow just my Mobil.I purchased I'm not sure if it was entertainment or movies but 1 of them.Only two days later after complet...

2 month free trial

HiI have a code for a 2 month free pass but when the confirmation came through it said it was free for 14 days. How Can I correct this??Thanks

Now TV black box with free Sky Movies

HiyaToday I bought a Now TV box with two free months subscription for Sky Movies, I have set up an account and applied the relevant voucher code.My problem is that there is no Sky Movies icon on the homepage screen, so I can not access any of the fre...

re watching now tv movies

hi all, i am going to order the 6 months movies pass i assume that this wont include a nowtv box but can i order a box and watch the movies through my tv thanks

How to cancel my free trial?

I have a 2 month movie pass i have put on my account, but it also gave me a 30 day trial. when should i cancel so i dont get charged? an also which will be used first free or my pass?Finally what does cancel your pass do?  

3 month free trial

Hi all, just made account, added the voucher but it says im being charged on the 8th of January?   I wasnt that happy putting my card details on there to begin with because of this kind of thing, i want to use the free trial then decide if i want to ...

NowTV Movies offer 2 month free subscription cancelled

My NowTV subscription as part of the Chromecast promotion was cancelled without any reason - what can you tell me as when I purchased the Chromecast one of the reasons was to trial your movies services for 2 months