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Resolved! Smart tv

We have a smart tv but dont have sky tv . We have bought a nowtv box in order to get sky football but we cannot connect it to the tv does anyone know if smart tvs are compatible or not ?

Cant sign in to now tv app on my roku

Hi my name is Billy iv recently bought a roku and i got a 3 month pass i went online on my iPhone and registered for now tv i got my username and password then wemt pn my now tv app and tried to sign in but it was saying i had wrong password or usern...

Unable to login to NOW TV

Can someone please help me. I am unable to login to NOW TV for some unknown reason, when prompted to enter my username and password I get the message "Your username and or password are incorrect". I am still able to login to the NOW TV website using ...

Now tv box wont work!

Ive had the white now tv box almost 2 years..never no problems untill now. Ive tried plugging it into two different power outlets and two different t.vs and nothing, its not even lighting up...seems to be adapter thats the problem, although it was wo...

Reducing data use on metered Internet

I have a Roku Streaming Stick, and need to find a way to reduce the quality of the downloaded video (typically NowTV films) so as to help keep within my internet data cap. I've seen the bit rate adjustment page but I don't think this actually affects...

Purple screen

Hi I have a problem with viewing movies. The box I'm using is a 2400SK Roku L-T it is functioning correctly with choosing options on the menus until I try selecting a movie to watch. As soon as I do it starts to stream the film and then all of a sudd...