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no picture or sound on roku 3

Ive just installed now tv on my new roku 3  but cant watch any programs!I can log in , & select any show or live tv as per usual , but after the buffer logo disapears im left with a blank black screen & now sound, however if i click on the remote i c...

Roku streaming stick & projector set up

I am assuming this is not possible but anyone know if you can register your Roku Streaming Stick as a device for Now TV when only used with a projector?

White box won't power up

I've had the now box for a little over 12 months and now it will not power up. I've reset the box and the router but still nothing. I'm a little disappointed with it being so close to Christmas.

Software Update 15/12/15

Yesterday both my Roku LT and HDMI Streaming Stick had software updates. Both are now Version 7.0 Build 9044 Whether the LT update will fix 1/4 screen problem I can't say as my LT is connected by HDMI to full HDTV

ITV Player - No Coronation Street

Can someone tell me why I cannot see itv hub only itv player on my now TV box. I have done a system update to no avail.

new router

Hi. I've changed my isp but my now tv box won't connect to the ip address, what makes it difficult is my dog chewed up my remote so I've been using a Roku app on my phone as the remote. Can I do it any way without a proper now tv remote or am I screw...