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WiFi management

Hi everyone, I want to deactivate my WiFi in the evening by using my phone if I can, then be able to switch it back on in the morning but I'm not sure if I can.

Is there a way I can??

Legend 5
Legend 5

No not with the NOW router. If you got your own you might be able to fiddle with the settings however.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
Elite 3

I don't have the Now router, but most will allow you to turn the Wi-Fi off via the router interface.

However you wouldn't be able to turn it back on in the morning, as there would be no Wi-Fi.


Some Wifi access points/routers etc have the ability to schedule when the wifi is active, and what devices can connect and when - for example this is the config for that function on my router.wifi schedule.jpg

However why you would want to do this is unknown, as quite a few devices will check for firmware updates, and more importantly critical security updates overnight