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Resolved! Re: Smart TV's

I have just purchased a smart LG tv 29MT31S-PZ manufactured December 2015 and now tv app keeps saying user name and password is not recognised have tried several times can sign in on computer and now tv box separately any answers please. Paul@Anonymo...

Programme info on screen all the time

Hi all, just set NOWTV up on my LG TV and have the entertainment trial, only problem is, the programme info stays on screen all the time. I thought it would go off after a few seconds but it doesn't, pressing "back" just takes me back to the main men...

LG WebOS TV - NowTV application package Name (help!)

Hi all I'm an avid home automation enthusiast, and have linked up my LG TV to my OpenRemote system.There is a node/NPM package (called lgtv) that enables me to control the TV via command line, which includes starting apps. I can start "netflix" and "...

Resolved! NOW TV App on LG TV

I have the NOW TV app on my LG tv as opposed to a NOW TV box. Why are there less channels available, for example no ITV Hub or 4oD?Also, if I bought just a box on its own, could i use my App login and use the box with no additional charges for the ex...

Resolved! Box v LG TV on Virgin

I am getting Virgin installed soon, only ADSL here and is getting weaker so am changing. Still have Now pass valid on entertainment until February and movie pass valid until January. I currently watch mainly through a black box. I am however planning...

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Error on lg tv

Got lg 42LA260V tv connected wifi . When I click on NowTv app it doesn't load and comes up with a white screen and Cannot GET /lg in top left corner . Any ideas why this is ?

Keep having to sign in

Im using a leg tv with the app installed and I have to sign in every time I want to use now tvApart from being frustrating having a long username and password I'm getting the point that I cant be bothered and use a different app

Not connecting

Bought a new now TVs box yesterday, set it up and was working fine. Turned it back on this afternoon and tv just keeps saying no signal and box not recognise box?

Now TV error code CTV-000

Any idea's, it was working sunday just fine...then last night it wont load...all i get is message"Somethings not right Now TV is currently unavailable on this device. Give it a moment, or check for updates. Premium Version - 0002.000...

Now TV will not pad through LG Tv

My now tv will no longer load through my tv, I have updated software but still no luck, Netflix is working fine so not a network issue.