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'See It First' preview alerts

Subscribe to this thread for alerts of when a new 'See It First' programme is added to Now TV before broadcast. If you notice a new 'See It First' preview, please reply and add it to this thread.

DarylM by Legend 5
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NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass Help and Info

Entertainment Month Pass Help and Info   We've compiled some of the main questions you’ve all asked us into this handy guide all about the NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass.   Just select a topic from the list, or scroll down the page to read them all...

Resolved! Error 6009

Hi, I'm watching dci banks, on a now TV black box, and keep getting oops there is something wrong, error 6009. Can someone please tell me what I should do? I have done a restart, and a factory reset but to no avail. Thanks in advance. Steve.

You Tube and accounts

hi there, is it possible to have more than one accunt , you see there are 2 of us here and both use you tube and have different log in details, i'm ok with mine but i can't get the now box to login into my partners, is it possible or can you only hav...

Sky News UK

Is there any way to make Sky News UK (the streaming live Sky News service) appear on  the home screen instead of the Sky News app?  I only watch the live feed and I do not want to have to scroll through to the live feed every time I want to watch.  A...

Ep 2 the trials of Jimmy rose

It doesn't play, and hasn't played at all to my knowledge....I wonder if now TV is an experiment..Can we extort as much money as we can out of people for supplying such a poor service

Buffering issues - Game of Thrones

For approx a week i have been having issues with Game of Thrones buffering. I am on Season 4 and manged to watch all three others with out any issues. My broadband speed is above 10mb up / 15mb down .  on average a lot faster, The Now TV is white and...

"Bull" ep1 - pop-up prompt too early

On episode 1 of Bull on the black Now TV box, the pop-up prompt comes too early.  It pops up at 28m35s, but the credits start at 29m12s.  It's a bit distracting to have it pop up during the final scene - even if I can click to get rid of it.

DarylM by Legend 5
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YouTube freezing on Now TV white box

When I bought my Now TV box a month ago everything worked fine. I found the ability to watch YouTube on my TV very useful. However in the last week or so, it has become a real pain, constantly freezing and so making viewing annoying rather than enjoy...

Error 6058

Hi I'm getting error 6058 with banshee season 1 episode 1 if anyone can helpThanks

Resolved! No channel's

Both boxes I have suddenlyou have lost all channel's in last 2 days thought was due to weather but it's still working on my phone would appreciate any help given thanks