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NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass Help and Info

Entertainment Month Pass Help and Info


We've compiled some of the main questions you’ve all asked us into this handy guide all about the NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass.


Just select a topic from the list, or scroll down the page to read them all.


NOW TV Entertainment General Queries


NOW TV Entertainment Troubleshooting


NOW TV Entertainment Payments and Account Help

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NOW TV Entertainment costs £7.99 (£6.99 for payments before 15 August) a month and gives you access to 12 live channels, unmissable boxsets and the latest episodes of your favourite TV shows on Catch Up. Here’s all the stuff you might like to know.


What is NOW TV Entertainment?

NOW TV Entertainment costs £7.99 a month and gives you access to 12 television channels and On Demand content.


How to subscribe to a NOW TV Entertainment Pass

Follow these simple steps to add NOW TV Entertainment to your NOW TV account


What devices can I use to view my NOW TV Entertainment Pass

The NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass is available on a variety of devices – from consoles to phones. Here’s the complete list.


Do I need a TV Licence to view NOW TV Entertainment?

You do not need a TV Licence to view on demand movies and TV shows. However, If you're planning on watching live channels, you will need a TV licence to view NOW TV.


Can I download NOW TV shows to watch later?

This is not a current functionality that we have for NOW TV.


Can I watch NOW TV Entertainment abroad?

NOW TV is now available to watch in a number of European countries.


How do I apply a NOW TV Entertainment Voucher?

Click here for steps on applying a NOW TV Entertainment voucher code.



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Why can’t I watch certain shows on the live channels provided by NOW TV?

Some of the shows that are broadcast on our live channels are unavailable to customers as we don’t have permission to show them via NOW TV. When they are due to be aired you will see a ‘slate’ message explaining its unavailability.




How does Catch Up content work?

NOW TV Entertainment allows you to catch up on shows that have recently been broadcast. Such shows will typically be available around 24 hours after they're broadcast and will generally be available for 1-4 weeks once it appears online.


Catch Up episodes will normally display a "days left" figure - that's how long it's available for.

Once that time has expired, the episodes are removed from the service, so it is possible you'll find we only have part of a series available to view (eg. episodes 3, 4 and 5, but not episodes 1 or 2). Be sure to watch the episodes as they arrive, or soon after, to avoid missing out!


How does Box Set content work?

As part of the NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass, you get access to a regularly changing collection of entire series of shows.


The rights for our box set content do vary; meaning that content won't always be available to watch. Some could be on the service for a month, some for longer, and our rights can be extended at any time. If a show is available for 30 days or less, this will be visible next to it on our website. You can also check our helpful customer @Anonymous User's website to see how long a show will be available on NOW TV.


To keep up to date with what's available, take a look here: 

Box sets available with NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass


What picture quality should I receive when viewing live TV channels on NOW TV?

Live TV channels are currently offered in standard definition only


Why can’t I watch NOW TV Entertainment on YouView?

Due to Live TV restrictions on YouView, you can’t view NOW TV Entertainment on YouView.

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How to cancel your NOW TV Entertainment subscription

Steps for cancelling your NOW TV Entertainment pass


What to do if you’ve cancelled NOW TV Entertainment but are still being charged

Steps for locating any duplicate accounts you may have