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Freeview play

Hi all, will i be able to watch Now Tv through a new Freeview play box? If so sky entertainment package in HD (720p or 1080p). cheers 

Telegraph article about NOW TV.

The Telegraph has an interesting interview with Sky's director of partnerships Emma Lloyd.    In it, it's explained how the deal with Roku came about to make the boxes for NOW TV and the partnership which led to getting on other platforms much faster...

LG and PS4 beta trial competition winner...

Hi Everyone,   As part of our beta trial for the new PS4 and LG apps, we ran a competition to win an iPad.   A big congratulations to @Anonymous User, who is the winner!   Thanks again to everybody who took part in the trials.   @Anonymous User, we'l...

VuTV to close

The connected Freeview IPTV pay tv service VuTV is closing next Thursday and is adding no more subscribers. According to an article, the contracts are up with the current channels that VuTV has and are not being renewed.  

Not on unlimited broadband

Is Now Tv suitable for only those who have unlimited broadband?I write as someone who has a monthly broadband allowance of 40gb.Can I dip in and out or does Now Tv continue to stream once activated?BJM 

Opera to stop using Silverlight

Opera users are currently getting a message when using SkyGo, Now TV or BT Sport that it'll no longer support Silverlight in the near future. This has to pile on the pressure to Sky and BT that they need a HTML5 solution for us that continue to use w...

What is the Device's Name?

Dear Forum Members I have, what may seem, a silly question to ask but before I do I would just like to explain what I am getting at. If I wanted a modem, a freeview box, a tablet or even a smart phone then all who are reading this post would know wha...

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Churn rates

A "churn rate" is the percentage of users of a service who will cancel their subscription in a given period (usually annually).  These leavers will usually be replaced by new customers - so a churn rate of 10% doesn't mean that the overall subscriber...

DarylM by Legend 5
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Resolved! Opinions on Roku

Hi all, I saw the Roku devices in the Argos catalogue and am thinking of getting one. Does anyone who owns one have any Pro's and Con's about the device? Argos have a tempting deal on the Roku 3 so I'd like some opinions.