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Now advertising on Nigel Farage's show

It appears that Now TV is advertising on G.B. News.  This is after his attacks on the R.N.L.I and their saving migrants.  I find this offensive and hope to bring it to the communities attention. I am hoping we can let Now know that a great many people feel this is un acceptable and that if nothing is done about it that I will be cancelling my membership.

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User 

Unfortunately your dislike for the advertising will go unheard from those that work for NOW as this is a customer forum. So only other customers like you and me will see it. 

My suggestion would be to send an email

to customer support, you’ll see the address in the below picture.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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100% with you. I will be cancelling my account.


@Anonymous User  @Anonymous User  &  @gavs82008  for Info




You're both right, I don't usually comment on political figures but this one is just "wrong" in so many ways.



UK Bob