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by Est3516 ‎21-09-2013 20:02 - edited ‎21-09-2013 20:07
I know this has been posted about but it appears no subtitles for movies has been an issue for customers for nearly a year. I see now tv has replied saying they will sort this out but that was back in January. We are now in September and the issue has not been resolved. I will post about this issue every day if I need to as I feel that disappointed and let down that I am unable to watch the movies because of no subtitles. This should have been part of the box before it was launched not an add on later on. Sort this out please.
by jackie4ball1 on ‎13-10-2013 16:13

I have a partner who is deaf and as I have Now tv movies i am the only one that can watch them as there are no subtitles there must be a number of deaf people out there who would like to watch the films but are shut out because of this issue. These films come with subtitles so how difficult can it be to include a button to  allow deaf people to enjoy the films

by Est3516 on ‎13-10-2013 18:09

I totally agree.   This issue has been around long enough and now tv have yet to sort it out.   


I have been warning my friends and family not to use now tv because of this issue and many now use netflix.  I too will be moving over to Netflix as soon as my subscription runs out.

by arabstrap on ‎20-10-2013 21:52

I have been searching the community and it seems has this issue was taken under consideration more than one year ago. How long does Sky have to consider it before they can implement it? It is not like they have to write the subtitles themselves, is it? Surely they understand that this will be a bonus not only for people with hearing impairments but also for everyone who doesn't speak English as first language and would understand better movies with subs. C'mon guys, the competitions has already sorted this out so you need to act quickly if you don't want to lose customers.


Thanks you

by Marian-Provan on ‎14-12-2013 23:22
I have just bought Nowtv.  I wish I hadn't bought it because there are no subtitles on Sky movies.  My husband and I are profoundly deaf and I won't be renewing my subscription when it ends on May.

by eames ‎21-12-2013 16:14 - edited ‎21-12-2013 16:15

I wished I had researched on subtitles, just brought the box with free months.. Only to find it has no subtitles and I'm partially deaf.. Seems Sky/Now TV arent catering for deaf/hard of hearing people. Disability discriminated I feel like. Its not fair that we cannot enjoy it, c'mon Now TV sort it out.. I've looked at the isssues forum and its been long year now.. Other providers easily got subtitles... What a con :smileysad: I won't be paying for the subscription once the trail/free is over.