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iPad mini app compatibility

I have an iPad mini which is running iOS 12.5.5 and won’t update to anything more recent. I tried to open the Now app but the required an update to a more recent version. I clicked to confirm this but it said that the app needs iOS 13 or above, so if you have a lower version you can download an older version of the app. I clicked ‘download’ to take this option but it didn’t process, just repeating the option pop up for either ‘download’ or ‘cancel’ endlessly so I am stuck. I can’t download the latest version and I can’t download an older version either, so I can’t watch any shows on Now on my iPad. I’m not going to replace a otherwise perfectly functioning iPad just to get one app, so before I cancel my Now subscription wanted to check if there was anything that could be done, has anyone has this problem? Thanks!

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Re: iPad mini app compatibility



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