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NowTV Player Shuts down after 3 seconds

The issue on a previous thread says it is resolved. IT IS NOT.

I downloaded the player.  As soon as I try and start watching, it shuts down.  No error message.

yes, I cleared cache, and cookies, and data.

yes, I uninstalled

yes, I tried a different browser

When contacting support, they suggested it is a router issue. It is not since I stream Netflix and Prime with no issues.  


When the chat technician asks you to reset your router, Don't do it.  This is just their trick to get you disconnected from the chat so that they can be rid of you.  Best thing to do is cancel and get a refund.

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Just installed Player for first time.  MacOS 13.1.  Player shuts down 3 seconds into show (doesn't get past the adverts).  No good unfortunately.  

Elite 2

I gave up on the NOW player for Mac ages ago. In light of this thread I thought I would download again. Didn't even get past an "unable to contact our servers" error message. Have given it up again as a bad job. Interestingly, my Mac is now listed as the latest device used, though!