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White screen

I am trying to use Now TV on my new MacBook Air and every time I try and navigate away from the home page in Safari it goes to a white (blank) screen.  If I use the app it directs me to the website and the same thing happens.  I just can't get furthe...


I can get Brit box on phone but not my now t v why 

LG TV and Chromecast

Hello,  I know there are a number of threads concerning the issues with LG tvs. I have a 2 year old LG tv and the app still doesn't work for me (luckily I only signed up for a free trial).  My question however is, does this also mean I cannot use my ...


I moved address 2 weeks ago I cant get through to customer services as i don't want to continue with your service. I have being charged 25 pound bearing in mind it hasn't been used for over 2 months and you will see that. I would like a refund and my...


I have cancelled my now tv but still getting charged how do I get my money back thank you 

Now TV set up

Hi, I've just moved. The new place has a non smart LG TV with a now TV box attached. I also have broadband. I joined now tv and followed instructions. It worked and I started watching using a ruku app as a remote. It worked... For about an hour. Now ...