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I have moved from sky to now TV do I get a box or stick to watch TV on when installation is done

Switching from SKY to NOW TV

I am currently with sky tv & broadband. I would like to change to NOWTV and broadband. However I realised our sky contract does not end till March 2019. Can NOWTV do the switch for you like some other companies do? There is mention of EE and BT , vir...


I have been logged out of my now tv account. I use a stick plugged into my tv. As I’ve gone to watch it today it shows up with a code to use, I type in the code and add my details but it’s trying to authorise £1 which it has never done to me before. ...

Broadband very intermittent- too many connected devices?

I've been having very intermittent broadband for a few weeks and often it goes off completely.  Two calls to customer support and both times I have too many devices connected- 12.  However, none of these are used to stream NowTV which is subject to a...

Wifi connection

So can anyone help I have a ring camera door bell never had an issue connecting it to my WiFi but my WiFi was reconnected tonight after being cut of now everything's back on my doorbell won't connect says issue with WiFi connection I have restarted m...

Amazon Prime - Scammers are Back and A Cautionary Tale

  Dear Forum and Amazon Prime Members A few days ago, while taking a day time nap, I was woken up by my phone ringing and then greeted by an American woman telling me my Prime membership was closing down. My sleep addled mind at the time did not real...

Resolved! Broadband Under Performing

I am nearing the point of no-return with Now broadband. I have had ongoing Broadband drop outs and regular slow speeds. My Broadband speed yesterday was 3.2mbps and this morning it is a sprightly 5.4mbps. Get an Engineer out I hear you all cry, yes I...