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Now tv stick volume

I have a new stick , I’ve set it all up correctly paired remote and initially it works fine until I turn the tv off then the volume stops?!? Any ideas I’ve reset the stick once and it’s happened again; I’ve also put it in to a different tv but it’s h...

Cancelled programs

I have just checked some programs on Peacock channel and there are 5 cancelled shows The Village:Bluff City Law:Briarpatch:Brave New World:Abby's:This is just one channel how many more, are on other channels. Many shows are finished or coming to an e...

Broadband buddy

Ive changed broadband buddy to adult content it was working lastnight but stopped working morning so i could not do anything under 18 


Hi, I cannot get subtitles on either Sky Cinema or the Entertainment pass. Without subtitles, I have no idea what's happening, so it seems irrelevant having these passes. I go through all the options & subtitles aren't even highlighted. Help, anyone,...

Sorry now tv is currently unavailable

have wasted many hours trying to get mynow tv stick to work . It has worked for more than a year and has decided to stop working . The screen displays ‘Sorry , NOW TV is currently unavailable’ I have carried out all the suggested fixes , rebooting , ...

Premier Sports launches on Amazon

Premier Sports now available on Amazon. £14.99 a month as a channel add on which gives access to Rugby UnionRugby LeagueBoxnationNHLLa Liga TVItalian Cup footballGerman Cup footballNASCAR

Mcdelivery advert

Anyone getting annoyed of seeing the same advert constantly every break is the same stupid mcdeliverly advert what really rubs it in is they don't even deliver in my area