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Hi I have added a sports day pass & it won't let me watch it  

is this the worst company at customer service? thoughts?

I have tried for half an hour through the internet to speak to someone from this dismal company and they ended up bouncing me to this place, hahaha, what an absolute joke Is there a customer services phone number? If so, why didn't your useless chat ...

Do I need an engineer

Hi, I am moving into a new flat soon. I already have bt broadband connection into the apartment I just need to choose a provider. From my understanding NOW use a bt line. Do I really need an engineer to come set them up? If so is it possible to bring...


hi i got an emaill saying id have compensation of quite alot on my next bill ive checked next bill and doesnt mention it wondering does it get added to account or my bank and where to look for it 

My internet is down

Hi guys, my Internet is down. I’ve just logged into the NOW TV website and it is telling me my Internet is fine. This is terrible service, I’ve gone on Google and it doesn’t even seem to be a contact telephone number to get in touch with NOW TV. It’s...

Cant get my info

Hi I cant get my info off my account even though I have 3 payments including sky cinema every month it says I have none. 

Resolved! F1 highlights only on mobile

Hi, I was looking to watch the Italian F1 GP highlights but it appears I am only able to download and watch this on my mobile device. When searching on demand on the TV app, the latest to appear are the Qualifying and practice highlights. I would ass...

mobile pass

hi guys i just wondered if somebody could help me so i payed for a sports day mobile pass then it says after that you will be able to start watching after 10 days but i still have not recieved my pass just wondered if somebody could help me please th...