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Resolved! No Watchlist on NOW Firestick app

Can anyone tell me where to find the Watchlist where I have saved shows on the NOW app running on a Firestick?The only option I see is Continue Watching.Thanks in advance.


I managed to get episode 7 off the watchlist I started watching the latest fbi most wanted episode 9 and it has now cleared.

Watchlist is now getting ridiculous

I have complained, and complained about this problem, I have watched FBI most wanted episodes 7 and 8 after watching 8, episode 7 is still on continue watching, and will not go off the list, I have played both episodes many, many times, and episode 7...

Sky Hub3 (ER115) - same model as Now Hub2? no longer secure

Sky have started communicating to customers that the Sky Hub3, model ER115 is no longer supported by security updates and customers can request a free update. Interestingly, as Now often use Sky hand-me-downs this appears to be the same model as the ...

chilli2 by Elite 2
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Entertainment Membership :

No warning , no email , no Membership letter , half way through F1 campaign , and a £9.99 monthly  Membership fee block,  to access F1 ? More examples of fantastic on line customer service and corporate greed .

Krammed by Newbie
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Can’t remember my pin

So my email is an iCloud connected to this account and it’s not receiving new emails, I can’t remember my pin to watch the things over 18 and now every time I try to reset the pin I can’t because it doesn’t send me an email, how can I resolve this

Ren by Newbie
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Removing harry potter

Hi it seems that to speak to a human is almost impossible. I’m feeling very disappointed and upset. Now tv with no warning on the now cinema takes off the Harry Potter movies. Why no warning. I’m autistic and this has upset me to have this sudden cha...

Can't post

Can't post the question I want to so will try this, says correct highlighted errors (nothing highlighted) then post flooding, one post plus reply in 24 hrs ??

Spelunk by Mentor
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Evening buffering on TV only

There is constant buffering on my smart and standard TVs, making it impossible to view, my tablet and laptop work fine with no buffering.  Evening speed averages 34Mbps and only one device is used at any time. Any idea how to solve this?