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I understand it’s now no longer possible to delete devices and that this will happen when they are not being used and automatically replaced by a device that is.What if I have a device that needs manually deleting. A device that i logged onto whilst ...

Resolved! Black Box

Ive had my black box for about 5 years and can anyone tell me do i need to upgrade it to a smart box? Do these back boxes have an expiry date on them?I dont want it to stop working on me, as I’m housebound due to health issues. Tv is my lifeline some...

Samf by Advocate
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Force log out

My ex is using my account with out my consent.  I have changed my password using the security question and removed all devices yet still can access my account and I see it appear on my devices.  How can I force a log out on all devices please?

You tube

Is anyone having problems up loading you tube ? I have never had problems till yesterday & just keep telling me to reconnect.nothing wrong with any other app & my connection is good 

Anne7 by Mentor
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6 didgit code not working

I have set up my nowtv roku stick and now says enter 6 didgit code in to phone so did and it keeps saying sorry there's an error , can anyone help me please 

Kris by Advocate
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BBC Info channel

after retuning my sony tv  on freesat a BBC information channel has overridden all other channels and takes you to this channel everytime I select another channel,I then have to scroll through until I get the channel I want and then select it,has any...

PRF100 by Advocate
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Voucher not received

When I signed up to Now Broadband, it was with a voucher to be emailed to me in 90 days - I have still not received it.  Has anyone else had this and can tell me how I get my voucher please?

Poppy1 by Advocate
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Cant sign in

I have had now since 12th December but i havent been able to sign in because my password doesnt work and i cant contact anyone its all recorded messages which don't address my problem