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doppelganger wrote:My TV is LG and does have CEC. LG call it Simplink and there are the usual disclaimers around compatibility. I've yet to find a compatible device. Looks like manual switching until I get my next TV.   @Anonymous User Just a quick...

Andy by Legend 5
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Charged twice

Hello, please could somebody help. I have been charged twice this month. Once from an account I’m aware of. Another account o don’t know what it it is. I have tried every email address and password. How can I stop this money coming out if I don’t kno...


HiMy account for sky sports was suspended on 10/01 as i had forgot it was due to be paid. I was paid yesterday and the payment for the monthly pass has been taken however its only giving me until 10/02. If im paying for a month i want a months use of...

Is Sky Sports 1080p ?

Im asking because the picture quality these days is excellent and appears to be as good as 1080p ? thanks

new smart tv box will not work

bought myself a new now smart tv box to replace my other now smart tv box that broke but cant get nothing to appear on screen just says no signal yet when i put old one back on it comes on any suggestions please as now tv live chat has been no use

Screen going pixellated and colorful?

 I have a now tv box in my bedroom (wireless ), and a now tv box in my lounge ( Hard wired ) Sometimes the screen goes all pixellated with loads of different colours then goes back to normal. Can't be my internet as its 70down 20upCan't be my box bec...

Multiple passes at the same time?

Hello, just a quick question please, I have 2 6 month entertainment passes - do I have to wait for one to expire before I apply the next one? For example if I apply 2 at the same time do I get 12 months pass? Thanks for your help.