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Can't log into account.

Hi guys. I'm keep having trouble with living in to my account on Xbox:/ it's keep telling me that I'm only allowed to be logged in on one device but I haven't got it anywhere else but yet I have just logged on my phone to send this msg so I don't get...

Yellow NOW TV stick!!

Hi, does anybody know which NOW TV stick has the yellow writing on it with the yellow remte control please?! Obscure question, I know! Thank you  PJ x

The Defenders are coming

Hi Guys and super hero fans The Defenders are Coming:                             UK Bob

ukbobboy by Legend
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Resolved! Devices

Hi, Today I set up our new Now Tv Stick, replacing one Roku Device for another. However because my younger brother recently started watching Kids on his iPad I have now lost the ability to use now tv until 1st November? Quite frustrating when we don’...

Cancel my account

Hi there I need help I have cancelled my now tv and unplugged it for the last 3 months and my account said that I had cancelled my free trial . I’ve now been charged £33.99, £7.99 and £9.99 for the 3 months . I don’t use use it anymore and would like...


Hi For the last couple of weeks now whenever I go to a live TV channel on my NOW tv box the picture is a total blur! The picutre is not at all watchable. You can't even tell where the pitch is, nevermind the ball, on the England game on at the minute...

Resolved! Watching now tv

I had now TV through wifi and was good pay extra for a match if you got the time,I have just mived and found we have no WiFi or satalite is there a now TV box that would let me upgrade now and again through a normal Arialthank you colCo 

Shows to watch

  My favourite shows are The Blacklist I love it as it is not predictable like other shows and keeps you guessing season 6 is on early 2019 also Seal Team (love the dog so popular) with the cast back on the 23rd October. Ray Donovan season 6 back on ...

AHS Apolalypse ep 1

Why is episode 1 of apolaylpse not available ok catchup. I originally thought it would be available for a month until the 27th October. It appears like episode 2 has replace episode 1.