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Resolved! Broadband

Hello, i am trying to get your broadband but it is saying that it is not available at my address, why is this?  Thank you.

New Customer

I purchaed phone and broadband for £18 per month; but today after it was installed and I checked online this had gone upto £24 per month.

Bad IP address

Bad IP address, Since joining now broadband when I hit a link in Google et cetera it comes up bad IP address this happens on two laptops, phones seem to be okay. Thanks in advance 

3 month pass

I have just bought a 3 month voucher and entered it, I have also cancelled my subscription but when I’ve gone back to my passes it says that it will end on the 10th October when in fact it should end on the 10th of December 

Customer Service - New Customer

Hi All, As a new customer I am appalled by the shocking customer service now tv have to offer. I originally signed up for now tv broadband on 23rd July with an activation date of 23rd August. I am still not connected. I phone customer service initial...

Contacting now tv

I am trying to log into my router with the correct details (admin, nowtv) and this has not been working for around 4 weeks, no help from nowtv at all just a circle motion of useles steps. How are customers supposed to contact them over problems when ...

Now TV card payment

I'm trying to set up a payment for now TV my debit cards it date hasn't expired not suppose to be expired for another 2 years yet and every time I set the payment up it say hmm incorrect card details when there are all correct. I got 2 passes and sti...

Using a free trial i cant access

I have just purchased a free trial for the entertainment package, however  I do not go live till the 16/09/19 and I have just realised  my phone isn't compatible with the app. I am now going to waste my free 7 day trial. Is there anyway this can be p...


Hi The only tv/movie service i tried that you compete with is all4. And the reward is being the worst service out there. Pros: 1. Cheaper version of Sky Cons: 1. Quality is SO last century (720p for most its existence when others offered 4k). Even la...